Monday, November 17, 2008


Moms says tomorrow I is gettin "fixed". What does thats mean? I sure isn't brokens!

Sheesh. I must investigates.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I is sooo bad! After making Moms think I was good, I sure showed her!

Tonight I was a-playin in my room and being sooo good, but thens I decided to rip my litter bag ALLLLL the way opens. I jumped in my litter and I digged around ins it, and scattered it EVERYWHERE, and then I peed in my favorite place, but this time I got RIGHT on Mom's com-pooter!

AH-hahahaha! Haha! As soon as she kicks me out my plan will start!

Hope Moms still gives me some punkin though.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hopes for dee punkin!

I has been sooooo good lately! Moms theenks I'm just bein nice but I is just tryin to gets on her good side for the punkin treat. She should be carving it out aaaaany day now! I am not bunna miss it!

Moms also came up withs a good idea for my Halloweiner costume! I tolds her I wasn't bunna be dressed up, and she listened!! Moms finally got one things right. Since she is bunna be a German beer girl, I'm bunna be Frank-In-Stein!!!! Since I'm too big to fits in a big cup, Moms just Photoshopped me into one. Its so great! I gots a costume withouts havin to wear anything!

Moms also brought me celery and carrots from her dinner with the big giant this weekend. Sooo nummy!

I guess she is useful sometimes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I live in a crazy place.

I did not get much play time today cuz Moms caught me droppin poops all over. At least I didn't piddle, you know, and I could have! I guess Moms is feelin fancy or sumfin cuz now there is crap hanging all over the place, and orange lights and stuff. Well, I don't like it! Its all to high up for me to eat.

Speaking of deh foods, I is anx-ee-ous to try pumpkin. Moms said she would let me have some seeds for sure, but when? When?! I'ves been a-waitin and a-waitin and what have I gots so far? NUFIN! I sees the pumpkin over there, Moms, I sees it!!! Good for nufin hooman. . .

Moms told Grams tonight about me maybe getting a seester. She dinna seem too opposed, I suppose. I know Moms is poor though. Ooooh, that is clear enough. Still. We shall see. Moms was talkin about having . . . sumfin done. . . and seeing how that goes? And then after that seein if I might like a seester? I dunno, but I'm bunna have to sets up sumfin to spys on Moms. Must get to the bottom of this!!!! I'll work on a plan in my seecrt room.

I STILL ain't tellin you where it is!

I have to go now. Theenks to theenk, piddles to leave, punkins to watch!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last weekend Moms took me to Grandma's house. Its fun there. I like to chase Jamz the cat. I isn't bunna hurt him, but he runs SCAREDY CAT so its fun. I just wantsta bop heads. Moms had the big giant with her this time. I haddda sits in the back and couldn't watch out the window, and Moms didn't pet me on the way home or talk to me. It was just bad loud noises the whole time and sometimes some singing and a lot of talking AND NOBUNS TALK-ED TO ME!! I couldn't beleeb it! But at Grams it was okay. They played with me, and I ate a lot of foods. I went in my box to piddle and putsed my butt OUTSIDE the box. TAKE THAT MOMS!

Theess weekend Moms was gone with the big giant. This was good because she hasn't done that for a while and I needsed my World Dominashuns time. I am plotting in my seecrt room. No I aint tellin yous where it is! Is seecrt. I also piddled a tons this weekend so Moms needs to clean my litter. HA!

Moms came back without the big giant tonight and instead of giving me tons of treats, she is "stoody-ing". Looks borings to me! She also got a big bag with a costume in it and was wearings it around. How stoopid. She said it was for Halloweiner but if I have to wear somefin I am NOT GOIN!

No word yets on if I is gettin a seester.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How It Started

Being a bun is hard hard work. Nobun understands!

I tries for the World Dominashons, but I finds this hard to do in an apartment with Moms hanging around all dee time. I figures, if I pee all over, she will kick me out! And THEN! That is when it will all start.

1) Collect buns to follow.
2) Gain position of POWERS.
3) Send one bun to occupy each households.
4) Take out dee hoomans in the time of sleep.
5) Organize buns all over the world.

My plan would be complete.

Alas. . .
For now my days are spend sleeping, peeing all over, cleaning my bootiful self, eating, and ignoring and avoiding Moms attenshuns to me. Unless she has deh foods.

I HATE it when she tries to pick me up. Or brush me. Or pull out my furs when I sheds. Which is all dee times. ALL. DEE. TIMES. Sometimes I climb into Moms lap when she has foods, but for the most part I wish she would just leave me to my distrucshuns. Otherwise, I might kick her FACE OFF!!

However, Moms might fall right into my trap. My friend Boogey (you should checks out his blog too!!!) was a-talkin to my Moms and he was like "I wants a French Lop seester!". Now Moms is thinking about gettin ME a seester! She would be smaller. I bunno if I would like her. I will theenk on it. I dunno if I would like to shares.

More on this later. I had an apple today and my tummy is full. I have theenks to theenk. Piddles to leave. Flops to be hads!