Monday, October 27, 2008

Hopes for dee punkin!

I has been sooooo good lately! Moms theenks I'm just bein nice but I is just tryin to gets on her good side for the punkin treat. She should be carving it out aaaaany day now! I am not bunna miss it!

Moms also came up withs a good idea for my Halloweiner costume! I tolds her I wasn't bunna be dressed up, and she listened!! Moms finally got one things right. Since she is bunna be a German beer girl, I'm bunna be Frank-In-Stein!!!! Since I'm too big to fits in a big cup, Moms just Photoshopped me into one. Its so great! I gots a costume withouts havin to wear anything!

Moms also brought me celery and carrots from her dinner with the big giant this weekend. Sooo nummy!

I guess she is useful sometimes.

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Boogey said...

Fwank yoo is lucky yer Mom ain't dressin yoo up! Mine is dwessin me up and I is bunna keel her ded. OH, and Mama and Daddeh carved dere punkin two nights ago and I got a piece and I wouldn't touch it!!!!