Thursday, October 16, 2008

How It Started

Being a bun is hard hard work. Nobun understands!

I tries for the World Dominashons, but I finds this hard to do in an apartment with Moms hanging around all dee time. I figures, if I pee all over, she will kick me out! And THEN! That is when it will all start.

1) Collect buns to follow.
2) Gain position of POWERS.
3) Send one bun to occupy each households.
4) Take out dee hoomans in the time of sleep.
5) Organize buns all over the world.

My plan would be complete.

Alas. . .
For now my days are spend sleeping, peeing all over, cleaning my bootiful self, eating, and ignoring and avoiding Moms attenshuns to me. Unless she has deh foods.

I HATE it when she tries to pick me up. Or brush me. Or pull out my furs when I sheds. Which is all dee times. ALL. DEE. TIMES. Sometimes I climb into Moms lap when she has foods, but for the most part I wish she would just leave me to my distrucshuns. Otherwise, I might kick her FACE OFF!!

However, Moms might fall right into my trap. My friend Boogey (you should checks out his blog too!!!) was a-talkin to my Moms and he was like "I wants a French Lop seester!". Now Moms is thinking about gettin ME a seester! She would be smaller. I bunno if I would like her. I will theenk on it. I dunno if I would like to shares.

More on this later. I had an apple today and my tummy is full. I have theenks to theenk. Piddles to leave. Flops to be hads!


Jamz the Cat said...

Hey Frankie T-

I wants to asseest you with your quest for World Dominashons...howevers, I am rather scareds of you, so this may not work out....

The Jamz

Boogey said...

Frank!!! Yoo are my fay-bo-rit Fwenchy!!! I is so egg-sighted dat you gotted a blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frankie - i am sascha a bun from england and a pal of boogeys. you should join BUTT - bunnies united against troublesome twofoots. my journal is

come and join us !!!!!!!!!

Boogey said...

yeah come join us!!

Bun-Bun McDonald said...

Awesome blog Frank! I like your list of objectives. Keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Hi Piddles - I am Boris from the same site as Boogey and Sascha. We live in England. Yes do join us.....there are lots of us. We go on missons to defeat and spy on the humans !!