Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I live in a crazy place.

I did not get much play time today cuz Moms caught me droppin poops all over. At least I didn't piddle, you know, and I could have! I guess Moms is feelin fancy or sumfin cuz now there is crap hanging all over the place, and orange lights and stuff. Well, I don't like it! Its all to high up for me to eat.

Speaking of deh foods, I is anx-ee-ous to try pumpkin. Moms said she would let me have some seeds for sure, but when? When?! I'ves been a-waitin and a-waitin and what have I gots so far? NUFIN! I sees the pumpkin over there, Moms, I sees it!!! Good for nufin hooman. . .

Moms told Grams tonight about me maybe getting a seester. She dinna seem too opposed, I suppose. I know Moms is poor though. Ooooh, that is clear enough. Still. We shall see. Moms was talkin about having . . . sumfin done. . . and seeing how that goes? And then after that seein if I might like a seester? I dunno, but I'm bunna have to sets up sumfin to spys on Moms. Must get to the bottom of this!!!! I'll work on a plan in my seecrt room.

I STILL ain't tellin you where it is!

I have to go now. Theenks to theenk, piddles to leave, punkins to watch!

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Boogey said...

did yoo nom de punkins yet? i gotta punkin outside my front door too and i NEEDS to nom it!!!