Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last weekend Moms took me to Grandma's house. Its fun there. I like to chase Jamz the cat. I isn't bunna hurt him, but he runs SCAREDY CAT so its fun. I just wantsta bop heads. Moms had the big giant with her this time. I haddda sits in the back and couldn't watch out the window, and Moms didn't pet me on the way home or talk to me. It was just bad loud noises the whole time and sometimes some singing and a lot of talking AND NOBUNS TALK-ED TO ME!! I couldn't beleeb it! But at Grams it was okay. They played with me, and I ate a lot of foods. I went in my box to piddle and putsed my butt OUTSIDE the box. TAKE THAT MOMS!

Theess weekend Moms was gone with the big giant. This was good because she hasn't done that for a while and I needsed my World Dominashuns time. I am plotting in my seecrt room. No I aint tellin yous where it is! Is seecrt. I also piddled a tons this weekend so Moms needs to clean my litter. HA!

Moms came back without the big giant tonight and instead of giving me tons of treats, she is "stoody-ing". Looks borings to me! She also got a big bag with a costume in it and was wearings it around. How stoopid. She said it was for Halloweiner but if I have to wear somefin I am NOT GOIN!

No word yets on if I is gettin a seester.

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Boogey said...

argh i haf to wear stoopid costoomes... watch out!!